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              The HUMAN POTENTIAL ARTS
             Sharing Dojo

          A Collaboration between The Center For New Directions for
          Martial Arts & Martial Arts Communities, & several other New                   Directions Centers at

                   Welcome to our Official Home page!       Join 

GO TO the Activities Calendar Page  for public gatherings/activities of 

All  communities collaborating thru The WHIMSYUM: All are foundations for participating in The HUMAN POTENTIAL ARTS Sharing Dojo.***  


   ( Except for coming w/a positive, loving attitude --guidelines/description for the dojo
  don't refer to attending public events listed farther down this page

Martial arts, dance, wisdom & holistic practices (& new WHIMSYUM practices)& Outside The Box challenge solving Role Play:  Focused around the knowledge that in every situation there are
possibilities, that human beings have the potential to be clever enough, strong
enough, inspired
enough to not need to take a negative action to solve or improve a
situation; that
individuals/communities who know this stand beside & support each other.
Sacred space where we
focus on celebrating/sharing positive energy, supportive community, manifesting full MindBodySpirit potential while learning/ teaching each other practices. 

Disperse mainstream ideas of what a 'dojo' is, & instead vision & cocreate the journey in a new
way, creating a new model for the idea of a 'dojo' in our communities.  

The Coed dojo also occasionally hosts dances for the network of friends that collectively hosts
 the dojo & synergizes with other community circles & groups they're involved with.


Spiritual, OutsideTheBox, multigenerational, Holistic & new Whimsyum practices, outside the
box challenge solving Role Play, Martial Arts, & Dance SHARING Dojo:  We share & teach each
other focused around the knowledge that in every situation there are infinite possibilities,
--& human beings have the potential to be clever enough, strong enough, & inspired enough
 --to not need to take negative actions; & that taking a negative action doesn't solve or
improve a situation: That individuals & communities who know this stand beside each other & support each other; striving to activate this potential in their communities by inspiring everyone
to be living symbols & peer teachers. 

In sacred space we share, are honored for our wisdom, & manifest our full mind, body,
spirit potential --no matter what our fitness level: Honoring the unique being each of us are we ~*CELEBRATE*~ our STRENGTHS, *INTENSITY*, GIFTS & capacity for peace & bliss.   We
celebrate building friendships with people from all backgrounds, no matter their: shape, style choice, skin color, romantic preference, gender, age, financial situation, etc...  

For people interested in supporting each other to gain new plateaus of mind, body, spirit empowerment & delight: Everyone spends part of the time teaching ‘something’(even if its to teach others the basics
you've just learned); because we’re ALL each other’s teachers in life. We receive our greater & greater
 belts in this dojo, not when we reach a new level of expertise, --but when we've helped a handful of
 students to gain *both* a new level of expertise, *and* brought them to a new positive plateau of mind, body, spirit empowerment thru transformative experiences of supportive friendship, inspiration, patience,
 & generosity of time & energy. Periodically we have rituals where we create personal symbols which represent what we celebrate we've gotten from our journey; & these symbols are then handcrafted by
 our dojo community on to the belts that are given to us in ceremony honoring us when we receive
belts( belts also reflect color of our current level of expertise).

Each person intuitively decides how they'll participate.  We’re continually trying new things, creating new practices; & our diverse activities are a constant reminder that when you think you’ve exhausted all
options that life has to offer --there will always unexpectedly be new kinds of inexplicable wonder around
 a new corner).

The gathering includes a well being/ bliss activity ( like a ‘Therapeutic Massage Sharing Circle’: separate
into groups of 5: one person lies down, fully clothed, & receives massage from 4 people; then gets up &
 along w/the other 4 people, –massages the next person to takes their turn to lie down & receive). 

We're a philanthropic, 'Gift Economy' community of Futurists, community leaders, teachers, activists,
Martial Artists, dancers, holistic practitioners, acrobats, artists, Surrealist/Role-Play/parlor/Improv/new
 Game lovers & creators, Permaculturists, Kundalini Yoga lovers, curriculum & resource creators, hikers, singers, Guerilla Theater instigators, Sci-fi/Fantasy lovers, swimmers, etc... & awesome friends! 

*For people devoted to a positive, constructive, loving life path.

*No one of us is here to serve more than any other; even your host :) These are egalitarian friendship gatherings --created by what each of us as individuals bring to it: Think about what you’d enjoy sharing,
 --its part of your RSVP to attend. Examples: Share/lead practices/activities/exercises; bring a favorite
dish to share; volunteer to bring mats, equipment, chairs, blankets; be the 1 to pick up the massag
 table & bring it to the dojo; or offer some other way you’d like to volunteer…

*We gather for fitness:  u must be coming to get a workout; though u can do lighter version of activities. There are *short* times to rest (opening, closing; lulls while practices are demonstrated; & occasionally
 short meditation); —& pee breaks between activities where you might share a few words with a
 friend: --But we don't focus on hanging/chatting time, unless you stay after talking to someone; or it's
 1 of our longer gatherings where we break & potluck or tea in the middle or end: Our time in the
dojo is focused on being ~*active*~ in group or individual activities; even when short cocreating
discussions happen, they’re usually while simultaneously moving our bodies as we explore & create.

~*LIFE IS A CELEBRATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*~ 

    1-on-1 Time with Outside The Box, Peers in this community:
 Join our list, not everything is posted outside the list:

Peers in this awesome community make themselves available periodically during 1-on-1 time at some of our gatherings to individuals who’d like to talk 1-on-1 about life, your spiritual journey,
--especially thru  each of their areas of enthusiasm (go to calendar page & scroll down to read
their info)

They look forward to listen to you, answer questions, brainstorm, discuss, &/or share
 valuable insights from each other’s journeys.  It can be not only fun, but cathartic, to
 talk to a peer who shares similar interests, values or spiritual path.

 The people offering are all individuals the community has connected w/for awhile & know to be easy-going, accepting, & really appreciate the gift in each person –no matter
 how different.  They’re all coming from extremely different backgrounds w/many different points of view, & still exploring their journeys:  They may not offer you perfection, or answers; but are here with friendship & an open heart to spend time together with other outside the box spiritual peers.   

They each, in their own unique way, are  living a life that is all about love:  Not to live up
 to some religious requirement, or expectation, ---from others or themselves;  but simply because they find human beings, life, & the universe –-infinitely lovable; & have found
 there’s nothing as worthwhile as being connected to all the love that’s possible in every moment.

...And don't be worried that you might be 'too different': most of them have spent their life sharing community w/people w/all sorts of unusual perspectives, habits, & extreme life-experiences; it's hard to say or do anything that will freak them out if you're genuinely friendly.

  All the peers below, w/exception sometimes, are available to talk to people who’ve attended
at least 1 of our gatherings, as just as it’s important for you to talk to someone who’s accepting of you & celebrates what you
do, --we also want to be with people who accept & celebrate what we’re doing here, & consider this community part of your community.  We realize though, that some of you may very much want to attend these gatherings but haven’t been able to make the days/ times we’ve scheduled; --sometimes someone will be available for anyone to drop in & talk to,even if you haven’t attended a gathering yet:  ***Make sure to drop in on time, or a little before 5pm though, or we can’t guarantee you’ll be able to talk to the person of your choice.***

Also, your peers are offering their time today to people who want to connect 
 & share raw reflections/feelings/ exploration of spirit:  not for project or
help/ contacts/skill-teaching:  We’ll have such peer mentor sessions in the

More Peers active in our community --than listed at an event.

LEADERSHIP... Women & men, people of all skin colors & financial/educational backgrounds, GLBT people, people of all ages, shapes, styles, behaviors & perspectives -- have held been spiritual leaders since the beginning of human history (as parents, teachers, artists, practitioners of physical/mental well being, activists, priests/priestesses, +  any individual who steps up & helps when it’s needed… or is there for love in any of its forms…).  But still today, the full diversity of human leadership is not represented fully, globally in ‘publicly visible’ roles, recognized as spiritual leaders:  Our goal in these gatherings is to have a more natural balance of this diversity represented, both by celebrating the contribution that ‘every’ human being makes in shaping each day, + in having several diverse people share the hosting together on the same day.


 The various New Directions Centers that follow, & their Activities & Resources
  are synergizing parts of the Human Potential Arts Dojo.  There are many more
practices & communities involved w/the Dojo, that will be posted over time; but 
these are some offering public activities & resources right now thru The
that aren't covered on other pages of our website:



 Center For New Directions & Resources For MYERS-BRIGGS iNtuitive
especially for individuals focused on ‘Heart-Centered’,
         iNtuitive living,
-- called ‘NF’ in these communities.  

Free & By Donation LA Community Gatherings, Playshops, Resources, etc:
Join our list, not everything is posted outside the list:

     Explore the Myers-Briggs system which provides tools to more deeply understand the intricate facets of our own personalities & the human beings around us.   The WHIMSYUM especially focuses on hosting gatherings for a specific section of the Myers-Briggs community -- individuals who identify themselves as “NFs”:  People who value, & focus on making life decisions in a heart-centered way, --intuitively, by the way they feel inside.  Everyone is welcome to come to our events, an opportunity to explore your personality & others ( no matter whether you’d think of yourself as an NF or not).

     Our Myers-Briggs events are special events!  People drive from all over So Cal to attend:  Usually Myers-Briggs gatherings are unstructured conversation w/occasionally short intro at beginning, but ours include interactive activities created especially for the gatherings to more deeply explore the Myers-Briggs system, each other, & have more fun !

        Though Myers-Briggs is a system around ‘personality perspectives & types’, using written ‘personality tests’:  it’s purpose is not to define or categorize human beings, but to provide different forums to understand ourselves & each other, have compassion, learn what works for each other;  so that we
can honor each other’s experience,  point of view, & interact in ways that are harmonious &
enriching.  And for some individuals opens up a deeper appreciation of the richness & vastness of the human journey & psyche.

Synergizing w/several other related communities --The WHIMSYUM hosts West LA iNtuitive
community gatherings with an unusually diverse, candid, open-minded, open-hearted, non-
competitive environment; & activities which liberate us from pre-conceptions, & support truly seeing
 & living the amazing internal & external opportunities possible in each moment.  Interaction between extremely diverse individuals happens with unusual ease, & uniquely fulfilling experiences.  People feel accepted & supported for choosing a way to live that works for them, & comfortable diving into new
kinds of interactive, group activities & projects, & exploring new frontiers.

Periodically (see Activities Calendar), 1 of the main leaders of the Myers-Briggs community will
 host & share illuminating & fascinating intros to Myers-Briggs perspectives & systems, --with time

for group questions/discussion/brainstorming; + 1-on-1 time afterwards .

New resources will be posted in the coming months, check back!  We encourage you to come in person, which is the best way to learn about human beings, especially iNtuitively.

   The WHIMSYUM sponsors ‘Westside iNtuitives’ (the Westside NF community).  The WHIMSYUM is focused on sponsoring NF communities (like the Interactive Kundalini Yoga community, the Tantra community,
the Dances Of Universal Peace community, the AFFIRMassage community, Goddess Dojo, etc…),
& creating a space, activities, & resources which support intuitive,  heart-centered living; & providing new directions for these communities. 

We're in the midst of updating this page & combining our description above w/the one below: 

     WESTSIDE iNtuitives gatherings focus on providing activities w/new ways to explore & enjoy each others' personality – no matter how different we are. Westside
 iNtuitives is an NF focused community, & host of the So Cal Heart-Centered, Intuitive Living,
 Community Network.

     Unlike other Myers-Briggs gatherings, --except for occasional specifically posted  gatherings & instances where it spontaneously comes up, --we're usually not focused around discussion or teaching about Myers-Briggs personality types: Instead, we introduce different kinds of NF-focused experiential activities & communities, that all personality types enjoy, --especially to widen NFs perspective to the NF community & experiences available to them; there are a a large % of rich opportunities regularly available, even if we're a smaller % of the world’s population.

     We also host NF Tribe commitment groups/series which are a deep empowered exploration of, & chance to *fully LIVE*, the intuitive feeling (NF) journey -- mind, body, & spirit: People end the series feeling totally supported in being NF no matter who they're with or what kind of situations they find themselves in in life.




            Center For Tantric Living &
New Directions In 
TANTRA &  the Tantra Community:  
      Free & By Donation  LA Community Gatherings, Playshops, Resources, etc!

Go to the Activities Calendar page,  or scroll down for descriptions of some upcoming events.  Join our list, not everything is posted outside the list:

Yoga is Tantra:  It’s a ‘part’/ subset of Tantra  Though many people use the 2 words interchangeably to refer to the practice of pursuing mind-body-spirit enlightenment… Tantra is *more*
than Yoga

Tantra is misrepresented in the mainstream world:  It refers to *any* educational practice/experience/system which helps us discover & develop   not just  self-mastery,  –but understanding, connection, compassion, enrichment &
--from *everything* in life & the universe, *every moment*:
*‘Mind-body-spirit-epiphany’*.  The key here being mind-“BODY”-spirit;  as,
Tantra teaches, (in addition to many other kinds of wisdom), that our body must be woven experientially into every teaching:   That not just fitness & well being,  --but also complete harmonious interconnection, deep wisdom, appreciation & *Joy* of our bodies are as
essential to fulfilling our human potential
as is exploration, connection to, & enrichment
of our mind & spirit:
And that the most enriching results are achieved when
engaging body, mind & spirit simultaneously.

 Tantra is also very much about 'heart-centered' living:  Living
 with an open heart, --focusing on 
perceptions, decisions, actions, reactions  --all 1st connecting thru
your heart.

Though all mind-body-spirit education is ‘umbrella’ed’ in Tantra; there are ‘specific’ original Tantric practices
(created & passed down from teachers thousands of years ago)
  --which weave together most of the wisdoms of the world, & evolve one to ‘mind-body-spirit-epiphany’ more
effectively than most other practices (… except some ‘new’ Tantric practices which combined these old teachings
w/new ones & create even deeper mind-body-spirit-epiphany’
).  These Tantric practices, old & new are vast &
diverse.  Unfortunately, though one can learn & begin opening to the ‘beginning’ of the journey today thru classes that
 are ~called~ Tantra:  --Most classes don’t have teachers trained in the deeper & more esoteric curriculum of Tantra;
 nor is Tantra generally taught to the level of rigorousness & ‘mind-body-spirit’ challenge, that these teachings were originally designed to be…  Modern culture has raised people to veer away from intense, thorough, & pre-conception-free confrontation of the depths of ourselves, others, the world & universe around us.

Also, most classes one finds today are focused on a smaller subset of Tantra focused on ‘Sexuality Education’:  Many people think of Tantra as something to do with sex, --because knowledge of Tantra began to brought into
the mainstream during the sexual revolution of the 60s… & the much vaster, deeper study of wisdom was overshadowed
 by the sensationalism of sexual liberation & popularity of this kind of Tantra; & because of this Tantra is still most often misunderstood & misrepresented today.

The whole collection of programs, activities, & resources
 currently being offered to by The WHIMSYUM are *a foundation*
  for evolving our culture to be familiar with using the ‘inner’ & outer tools of Tantra; towards the fulfillment of our human potential, & ultimately living our birthright of spending every moment, every breath in mind-body-spirit epiphany:  Some people already do live like that, every moment.  *You* choose what you want to  learn in your life, & how to spend the moments you live it:   ‘Learning’ is easier & more enjoyable that it’s often made out to be; we are still, even as adults, able to learn like children do:  Absorbing over time what is around us, like a sponge:  One of the many things Tantra teaches us to learn to
 use more than the
minimal % of our brains (…& bodies & spirits) –than most humans are raised to plug into & maneuver.

Diverse New Directions For Tantra --offered at The WHIMSYUM:

WRP Diana is the founder & director of bringing positive new directions to communities locally & globally. She’s the sponsor of the free/ by-donation LA Tantra Community Gatherings; & the creator of AFFIRMassage, the new kind of 8-Handed Massage, & WHIMSYUM Tantra. Diana began creating activities as a teen; years later, studying Tantra, she found that the activities she’d created were Tantra …but more magickal, celebratory,colorful & fun than traditional Tantra; & like the most highest form of Tantra, not focused on gender. Our gatherings are an eclectic mix of WHIMSYUM Tantra, traditional Tantra, & other versions of Tantra.
     Since the majority of Tantra classes in the mainstream are sexual,
--The WHIMSYUYM focuses on teaching a great variety of valuable nonsexual Tantric practicesWe offer both beginning Tantric curriculum;  plus  the rarer advanced  curriculum  (for people who’ve learned & mastered what’s shared in our drop-in classes & workshops).  And we continually create new curriculum!   Our Tantric gatherings support & creating synergy w/the many different kinds of communities offering practices which embody the focuses of Tantra.  *Community* also, is another main focus of Tantra:

  Occasionally workshops will include the ‘sensual’ experience of life, as human beings receive infinite kinds of input
 thru their valuable senses to evolve their experience & wisdom & make simply ~*LIVING*~ quite a sensual experience.  All education is
fully clothed, & when sensuality is included in the classes focus, it’s clearly noted.

1).  AFFIRMassage is Tantra:  We offer it regularly, description here:  

2).  *Interactive* Kundalini Yoga
( a rare new direction,  The WHIMSYUM is offering, that isn’t available in Yoga studios yet),
- includes more kinds of ‘mind-body-
spirit-epiphany’ & activities into its practice than regular Yoga:  Includes White Tantra Yoga which is really the same practice, but there is ‘extra’ focus on deeply opening the heart, though that is still always part of Interactive Kundalini
Yoga as part of one’s spiritual journey & seeing the sacredness in every human being.   Join us at the LA Interactive Kundalini Yoga Community Gatherings, classes & Playshops!  .Read more about the practice & upcoming activities here:

3).  Our Ecstatic Interactive Breathwork, Chakra Toning w/Movement & Therapeutic Touch Gatherings!  go to our homepage for the button/link:

4).  Dances Of Universal Peace, ‘Sufi-Dancing’, the dances of Robert Frey, & some versions of Sacred Circle Dancing offer both very similar, & very different journey into Tantra
than Interactive Kundalini Yoga:  more emotionally moving & imaginative, less physical-fitness/
potential focused
:  Read more about the practice & upcoming activities here
(a more in-depth will description than what’s provided at the following link will be posted soon):

5).  Scientists have barely begun to explore, understand & document the affects of humor, imagination, & inspiration
 on human potential; come experience yourself & each other in new ways, leap off creative new frontiers, give
 your smile & laughter muscles a workout, & so much more… 
Games & Activities of the FUTURE
 & Past! 
(most involve movement, many involve physical contact while engaging all our other capabilities)

6).  See Myers-Briggs iNtuitives & Hear-Centered Living:





               CoCreate Rituals & Traditions to Celebrate &
                        Support Each Other's Journey!

    Community Series:  6 Playshops

   Next session Starts Jaunuary 21st:  3rd Saturdays, 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm


         6 gatherings (6 Months) in a row:
   This is the heartbeat of our community! For people who love connecting w/this community & would love to share the deepest journey we offer; gathering regularly w/a small, core group of our community coming to celebrate & deeply support each other! 


*** You need to be pre-registered for the AFFIRMassage series to join us, which covers your registration for the Magick Circle; --as the Magick Circle  is woven together w/the AFFIRMassage Playshop, & the activities we do lead into what we do each afternoon in AFFIRMassage, --& give people a chance to get to connect & get to know each other in sacred space activities before sharing  FFIRMassage. 

A description of more of the focus of the circle & activities will be posted soon; you're welcome to call me for a description if it's not up yet when you see this!

 This is not a religious circle.

Best wishes!~Diana (310) 936-3150 no text messages, fine to leave voicemail 24 hrs

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

    Private Sessions with The WHIMSYUM Founder, WRP Diana

Private 1-on-1 Sessions w/the Founder in the New Directions taught at (+ things not currently being taught):  To deeper celebrate, explore
 & live your unique potential, or to learn to Teach WHIMSYUM curriculum.

    Available only  to individuals Diana’s met in person who've connected w/her
enough that they know they unquestionably want to work with her specifically; & desire
to focus & have the depth of meeting for at least 3 sessions:  Individuals 
whose lives are centered around the wisdom & practice of focusing on positive thoughts/intentions, sharing only
positive energy & actions; who celebrate outside the box thinking, engaging & challenging themselves body, mind & spirit; & whose lives are not solely focused on their own journey, but also focused on positively enriching the lives of those around them.

This is *not a service*, but instead a friendly, supportive, peer exchange for those who  wholeheartedly celebrate & support the goals, projects/gatherings, & communities that 
make up 
The WHIMSYUM; so that they appreciate that that's where their contribution for
        the sessions is going:
All proceeds go to support the Free & By-Donation Community 
Gatherings & Resources offered thru The WHIMSYU

The time Diana spends training 1 individual, could be spent instead training a whole group (which is the focus of the WHIMSYUM):  Private appointments limit the
amount of groups she can host; so only a limited # of private appointments are available.

***If you can’t afford rates below, please attend our community gatherings
                all of which are Free or By-Donation-No-one-turned-away.***

       Make appointments either thru: 

      or via phone (phone# can always, & only, be requested in person from Diana).


3 sessions minimum: 1 hour minimum per session: Contributed in Advance (after     confirmation with Founder of date/time) -- to our ongoing Fundraiser here:             

 $150*  per hour.  

Discount for individuals regularly attending gatherings hosted by The WHIMSYUM at  least once  each month:

           $125* per hour for first 3 appointments. 

         $100* per hour for additional appointments.

     ***No other discounts available;  additional contribution expected from CEOs of large corporations (or other individuals w/considerably larger income than most people).


The Dojo is COED ( + there is a WOMEN-ONLY Dojo), + MEN's GATHERINGs;  the Men's page is not up yet, so info for their upcoming gathering is posted  below:

MEN'S Sacred Space Circle & Interactive Kundalini Yoga Community
Gathering , Los Angeles      Outdoors, FREE

1:45pm: Sacred Space & Healing Circle using Crystals to focus our energy, facilitated by Sat Devbir Singh: Connect, be supported,  & inspired by this awesome community with men coming from all over LA w/diverse consciousness, creative & cultural backgrounds, --who's lives are centered around the wisdom  & practice of focusing on positive thoughts/intentions, sharing positive energy/actions, & Living Outside  The Box!  

2:00pm to 3:00 pm:  Raise the Awesome Power of the Sacred Masculine in an Interactive Kundalini  Yoga Gathering focusing on & honoring the male journey.  


There are plenty of men’s sports, business, & academic groups, etc… yet so few men’s gatherings, classes, support circles, -- which focus on supporting each other’s goals, dreams, & manifesting them thru active mind body spirit practices. It’s important to be able to spend some time celebrating our journey,  outside the expectations & perspectives of the opposite gender.  Having this sacred space to support our  male journey is our birthright, important, & part of being human. Let’s make this invaluable resource  more readily available to men by sharing our journeys, Kundalini Yoga practices, resources, etc that inspire/support the male journey:  *Please spread the word about this in your communities*  


Hosted by , LA INTERACTIVE  Kundalini Yoga Community Gathering, ,  LA Therapeutic Massage Community Gatherings, LA iNtuitives,,
 ,  LA Tantra Community Gathering, LA Future  Studies Community Gathering, & many more…!

***After a break to connect & network, you’re welcome to join us & walk
over to another area of park (where Women’s Gathering will have just ended), --  connect w/the *whole* community for 2 Free COED Gatherings!:  


 Water/beverage for yourself, yoga mat (or blanket/beachtowel)

FREE but donations accepted (from those it's not a financial issue to) both at
gatherings, & onlineto our  ongoing fundraiser which keeps these gatherings  free:   



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