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                     INTERACTIVE  KUNDALINI YOGA   


  FREE (& by donation no one turned awayCommunity Gathering-Workshops

Center For New Directions In Kundalini Yoga & Local/Global Kundalini Yoga Community (SCROLL DOWN For Description)

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       WHAT Is INTERACTIVE Kundalini Yoga?:    

 Step Off Your Mat & Try the Social Yoga!:  Usually Yoga class is a ‘solo’  journey:  
Instead, this class is a chance for the Kundalini Yoga community to come together & support
each other practicing interactively, -- in pairs on the same mat, or in physically connected
 poses as a circle. While breathing & sharing movements or stillness often while looking into
each other's eyes holding hands or touching fingertips, using each other’s weight to help us stretch, chanting/ singing, & sometimes laughing, -- the teacher shares a  guided journey of words, music, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gong & *positive affirmations*.

      Interactive Kundalini Yoga is not gender-focused & facilitates a space of  being comfortable
& able to celebrate just *being* with another human being,  & *just being* with oneself, -- 
without needing words: being present to one's  breath, & the needs of one’s  body

 truly being present & connecting  with another human being & enjoying it!
It’s a 

Yoga that focuses deeper on  the vast gift of community, truly receiving each moment, & 

bringing one
to mind-body-spirit epiphany
 This is about community, connecting with human
Participants need to be comfortable participating with both genders

 ~* This Community is centered around the practice &  wisdom of focusing on positive thoughts & intentions, sharing positive  energy & actions. *~

   We celebrate friendship, collaboration/cocreation, & leadership from people of any    background no matter their:  style choices, shape, lifestyle, state of fitness,   educational background, financial situation, age, skin color, sexual preferences,  spiritual path, behavior preference ( hyper people, quiet people...), etc...

~*Join others in cocreating & Living the future ~*NOW*~ in these community gatherings of people consciously choosing to live by their own rhythms & make their decisions from their heart & spirit rather than letting their lives be limited by mainstream thinking*~ 


We periodically host Women-only & Men-only gathering workshop-classes          too, --contact us if you'd like to attend!

 LA ACROYOGA Community Gatherings & Classes Free & By Donation sponsored by The WHIMSYUM Center & Community Network for New Directions & Resources to support the AcroYoga Community Locally & Globally:  Acro Yoga is a heart-opening, social/interactive yoga which increases bone density & provides  massage/accupressure release as 2 or more people's bodies are poised & leaned,  intertwined against each other  to create great release of tension.  Combination of Partner/Social Yoga, Thai Massage ( social/interactive, takes no effort,not a strain on hands as uses leaning/manipulating weight of each other's body), & Acrobatics made safe by always having 2 human beings on each side 'spotting' --capable of carrying  person being lifted so no risk of falling:  Our gatherings are different than other Acro Yoga gatherings & classes:  Most Acro Yoga classes  tell you to  expect to fall & that falling is part of AcroYoga:  Not so, at our gatherings you can be of any experience, fitness level, or shape, --& experience all benefits of AcroYoga, while still being safe:  Most Acro Yoga groups don't make sure there are 2 spotters (they use 1 or none) & don't make sure spotters can really carry the person they're spotting).  Because of this they may not practice w/you unless you have clothing snug to your body; but since we only practice w/sturdy spotters, you can wear whatever comfortable flexible clothing you want.  Also, other Acro yoga groups generally consist of only young or very fit people... & can be somewhat focused on appearance, & like most communities, more mainstream than this community & interested in practicing w/people like themselves. And Acroyoga classes are seldom available free like they are thru our community -- so mainstream teachers are not always focused solely on friendship, like they are in our community :)   Like all our gatherings --we joyfully welcome & enjoy people of all ages, sizes, styles, financial situations, & perspectives on life; our gatherings are a celebration of diverse, outside-the-box community; hosted outdoors in non-institutional environments like public parks & nature areas.

     Years ago The WHIMSYUM AcroYoga Center & Community Network regularly hosted free 8-HANDED MASSAGE (see description at this link: ) gatherings for the AcroYoga community --bringing this wonderful practice into the community & making it a tradition now often referred to as Divine Play!  Currently we're supporting the creation of AcroKundaliniYoga
(a combination of Interactive Kundalini Yoga & AcroYoga).  Please join us at gatherings in brainstorming & cocreating new directions; all ideas are welcome!



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