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        The GODDESS Dojo ( a red tent dojo)
        Welcome Goddesses to our Official Home Page!  
              The Women-Only Part of The
                HUMAN POTENTIAL ARTS Sharing Dojo!
     A Collaboration btw Center For New Directions in Celebration Of Women, Center For New Directions for Martial Arts & Martial Arts Communities, + several other New Directions Centers at The WHIMSYUM:
SCROLL DOWN BELOW PUBLIC EVENT descriptions FOR DESCRIPTION Of DOJO.   ***GO TO our calendar: --all public  gatherings/activities of communities collaborating thru The WHIMSYUM are at above link & ***all are foundations for participating in the Dojo.**

         Not all gatherings make it to this page:  If you want to receive invites to the LA
*WOMEN-ONLY* Community Gatherings, -
-join our new list:
Males Welcome To Join BellyDance Events Below! Hosted by women, we'll host a women-only soon too!:

   LA Community NTERACTIVE BELLY-DANCE-JAMs, OPEN MiKEs, + Inspirational Belly Dance Circles w/Dances Where we Sing-&-Exchange-Symbolic-Gestures + Free Lessons!

~*For Dancers who enjoy dancing Socially *With Each Other*; as well as Individually*~ The WHIMSYUM Center For New Directions For The Belly Dance Community offers these new forums to enjoy & support each other making dance a part of our lives, whether for recreation or career;  & welcome more diversity of dancers & expression to the art of joyful inspired movement! GO TO CALENDAR FOR NEXT Gathering DATE & ADDRESS!: not everything makes it to our site here!  Join the list!: 

a. INSPIRATIONAL BELLY DANCE CIRCLE Outdoors!  SING & EXCHANGE Symbolic GESTURES While Belly Dancing w/Each Other:  Ancient & contemporary transformational ritual belly dances, party belly dances, & belly dances to share w/friends-- which
celebrate life, the gift we each are, & the beauty present in every moment.  Sometimes we cocreate new ones together.  Many people love to dance, but are not always comfortable w/the way dance classes are
usually taught... or the atmosphere:  Join us for a gathering in nature, w/some fun easy.
+ Playful Begining Belly Dance LESSONs shared informally & collectively like party activities; & focused around connecting & feeling, rather than technique
& appearance.  FREE!
 Gathering is for dancing & being active; but sometimes in breaks we share stories, network about events, creating/finding costumes, etc; + you’re welcome to bring potluck snacks to share if you like :)

b. BELLYDANCER OPEN MIKE + BELLY-DANCE-JAM!  Dance Socially *With Each Other*; as well as Individually!  Many people would love to share their gift & love of dance w/others, but don't perform often ( or at all), --because they need a space where the community & atmosphere are sensitive & supportive; & where the focus is on the joy of dance, & friendship, --on the *experience*, --rather than the presentation; --with no expectations of needing to perform or appear in some specific way: We alternate between watching dancers perform & everyone getting up & dancing together: We call out Bellydancer 'sounds' to welcome you & encourage you; & many of us dance in twos, threes, or more --as wehn someone's dancing with you, you enjoy connecting & creating dance with that person, --& are less distracted by the idea of people watching & sharing your enjoyment with you. Anyone who loves to dance is welcome, you don’t need to know how,--you're welcome to improvise/fake Belly dance for the joy of it! If you only wish to dance socially when we jam, --but not perform, that’s totally fine too. You're also welcome to simply come & watch.  Costumes not required; wear whatever makes it most fun & comfortable for you: All shapes, styles, sizes, ages are beautiful & welcome!  Come join our celebration, shower each other & our community w/the magic, inspiration, romance & Spice inside us!

There are no wallflowers in this beautiful gathering of friends old & new who support & celebrate each other free of competition or cliques: No one will tell you how you should or should not dance:  Find your inner artist, use your soul as a canvas:  Look within, sing, dance, & bring forth your inner colors & be inspired by your infinite beauty.  Dancing w/each other, ignited by our inner music, inspires nothing less than an ecstatic celebration!*

Why an Open Mike for Belly Dancers, & What Do We Mean By That?:

In addition to offering the interactive, more social atmosphere mentioned above, --we’re also building community for bellydancers who aren’t part of the 9 to 5 lifestyle, & realize many available at this time of day are looking for creative ways to support their income:  We put out a basket so people who want to can donate to dancers for sharing their beauty & celebration! Donations received are split equally at the end between the dancers –in ratio to how much time they danced.  Though musicians are welcome to sit in & play free to support us, --live music isn’t necessary for us to share what we do, or to enjoy it! We bring recorded bellydance music, --everyone’s welcome to BRING your favorites (+ spare ipods, CDs, players/ speakers), & our singing creates music

We also doing this to  create a positive precedent for the dance, especially Belly dance, community:   There are zillions of opportunities for musicians to be supported/paid for playing; but less for dancers, & especially no open-mikes for belly dancers (or other dancers) to drop in be supported.  Plus often when dancers perform, a much greater % goes to each musicians than each dancer.  & often dancers are only hired for ‘mainstream’ sex appeal rather than their gift of dance, –& only allowed to take tips audience gets to touch their body & stuff in their costume:   …Yet let’s face it,  when there are Belly dancers around (no matter their shape/size/age), though people appreciate the music, all attention is focused w/enchantment & delight on the rare gift of beholding the dance!  All donations received in our Open Mike go to the dancers, & are placed w/loving reverence in a donation box; no one touches the dancers –unless they’re another dancer dancing w/them, joyfully honoring each other :) 

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: If this sounds fun, but you’re feeling shy:  You can just ‘Mirror dance’:  not thinking but just flowing into whatever you see the person before you doing:  A great way to
 not just pick up new styles–but truly internalize, deeply enjoy, & celebrate the beauty of the human being before you

***We also plan to help sponsor a separate, monthly, historical
Medieval Tribal Belly Dance gathering w/participants interested in costumes, lore, & going on group carpools together to historical-recreation events. If you're interested, & miss the times we brainstorm & share about it:
mention your
interest when you attend, so we can keep you connected w/plans :)

Many people love to dance, but are not always comfortable w/the way dance classes are usually taught... or the atmosphere: Join us for a gathering in nature, w/some fun easy lessons shared informally & focused around connecting & feeling, rather than technique & appearance.

Many people would love to share their gift & love of dance w/others, but don't perform often
 ( or at all), --because they need a space where the community &
atmosphere are sensitive & supportive; & where the focus is on the joy of dance, & friendship,
 --on the*experience*, --rather than the presentation; --with no expectations of needing to perform or appear in some specific way: We alternate between watching dancers perform & everyone getting up & dancing together: We call out Bellydancer 'sounds' to welcome you & encourage you; & many of us dance in twos, threes, or more --as when someone's dancing
with you, you enjoy connecting & creating dance with that person, --& are less distracted by
the idea of people watching & sharing your enjoyment with you.




WHIMSYUM Center For New Directions For Women:

   LA Outside The Box WIZARDESSES!



*VERY* different from other women circles, magick circles, red tents, women’s workshops, etc: Scroll down past description for *list* of how our gathering is very different!!! A gift from WRP Diana, founder of The WHIMSYUM Future Studies Institute in collaboration w/women leaders & groups from all the communities on -- 

Changing to 1st Saturdays after Jan: Ongoing! Two-part circle: Part A. 1:00 pm: Outside The Box Women-Focused, Magick-Focused, Body- Celebrating, body/mind/spirit, interactive physical-fitness activities transformed into an Exultant Magick Circle. ~then... Part. B. 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm, + optional 4:30 to 5pm unstructured connecting/potluck: OUTRAGEOUSLY Outside The Box WOMEN- CENTERED Positive Homemade Deeper MAGICK CIRCLE

Pre-Register for 4 Circles at a time w/ deposit (returnable)
: Scroll down for description & registration info.


2nd Wednesdays, 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm:  Starts APR. 14: 

To attend you Pre-Register for 6 Circles:  Info will be posted below soon.


   Description for series starting Dec 10: 2nd Saturdays, 

Not drop-in! Reserve your space w/deposit (returnable): Step outside convention & keep flying!  Share this deeply magickal journey w/women committed to ~*LIVE*~ outside the box, deeply celebrate/support each other, disperse everything but magick & delight from their live /communities, & transform the world w/their ~*Chutzpah*~  thru co-creating & LIVING boldly inspiring new rituals & traditions!  

The ‘women’s’ movement & ‘spirituality’ movement created big shifts for humanity; especially for women:  But it’s time for another BIG SHIFT!   All human beings of all ages need to be educated & encouraged to globally embrace & exuberantly, positively, live their
~*CHUZTPAH!*~ What do I mean...?   ***Read more here:!

   ~*Cast Off your Cloak & Live in Your Essential GODDESS Skin!*~

Think of the most immense, Wildly brilliant, almost blindingly beautiful, shining, celebratory, GODDESS expanding & filling the air in front of you as far as the eye can see… This is not an idea, or a moment: It’s an expression of the phenomenally magical, core essential GODDESS in EVERY woman! Stifling it is like "trying to blow out the Sun or put a cork on the ocean!” :) :) :)  

The Sacred woman's journey is truthfully less about finding power, but instead about *Ceasing to Ignore* that it’s dancing in every atom of our being: Claim it, own it, & our birthright to Receive, ~*LIVE*~ & CELEBRATE our magic in *every moment* of our life. We’ll dig deep into our brilliantly fantastically fertile colorful inner-Shakti landscapes, & lovingly invite each other to discover new ways to challenge ourselves to experience more joy, more deeply BE, plus share, --the Gift we each are: 

 Read  description below & 'LIST' below it, then, if what you read fills you w/delight & is what you’re looking for, call me before registering,  w/enough time for me to call you before 6pm the Thursday
before the circle; I can’t guarantee circle won’t fill well before then; so if you’d like to join us, call ASAP*** 

This is a friendship circle: call to share a hello to make sure you have a clear picture what this circle is like, that it works for you, & we celebrate & enjoy each other's spirit!                    

Indoor/outdoor West LA ADDRESS provided upon pre-registration.  


Incredibly empowering, step into the Infinite Magick & Wonder!  Look forward to an awesome exhilarating journey filled w/LOVE! 

~Diana (310)936-3150 no text msgs, fine to leave voicemail 24hrs  
  EMAIL List: 


      1:00 pm to 2:30 pm:
 Interactive, mostly wordless, body-mind-spirit, physical fitness workout, magick-circle
-style!:  We focus on positive thought/intentions, release stresses/ influences of the
mainstream world,  get deeply connected to our sacred selves, step exultantly into our
hugeness …transcend… & merge w/the mysterious, spicy, rapturous infinite that is both You,
& the  Universe.  By the 2:30pm deeper magick circle we have remembered the truths of
this vast potential, & connecting from truth & love, are ready for the adventure!  

INTERACTIVE Kundalini Yoga:  immerse in a sea of Goddess-sister epiphany as we share releasing, nurturing, therapeutic & strengthening Interactive Kundalini Yoga kriyas I’ve found to be the most effective for women’s health, well being, & longevity! 
INTERACTIVE Exhilarating Chakra Breathwork, Movement, Therapeutic-Touch, ChantINTERACTIVE Sound Healing; AFFIRMassage for Outside The Box GODDESSES!, Sacred Dance & Movement, etc...!   ***
Read Goddess Dojo description, it describes the approach of this circle much as well; though we won't practice Martial Arts in this series (except if 1 of you wishes to give a short class in something)


2:30 pm to 4:30 pm DEEPER MAGICK CIRCLE! Outrageously Women-Centered, magickal versions of everything, I've offered + things I haven't offered yet!   Shift your reality to the infinite wonder, friendship, creativity, humor possible in every moment.  Positive Magick is centered around the wisdom & practice of focusing on only loving positive thought & intentions, sharing only loving positive energy & actions:   Open to the truth.  Truly meet yourself. Be the world you wish to live in. Know the difference between power & *Empowerment.*  Interactive experiential activities (instruction while doing, rather than lecture); gently moving around much of the time w/seated activities in short breaks between.   
Learn tools (ritual & tradition creating/participation, universal/DNA patterns,
personal symbols & altars, scrying, etc...),  --to transform environments (home, work, sacred space, your body/mind/spirit, etc),  --transform resources (talents, nature/herbalism/the-Elements, ancestry, community, your body/mind/spirit, etc),  --transform patterns of living (relationships, career, daily routines, etc);   --so our life is a living temple filled with celebration, homemade holidays & more which support what’s important to us & the most fulfilling life. Celebrate the gift we each are!  Lovingly innovativey help each other manifest our life goals, & stay connected to the spice, exhilaration, & ~*Magick*~ bubbling up from within!  Claim a magickal life.

Also includes:

*Gentle physical movements as a group which are magickally, outrageously celebrating of women, ~*while*~ introducing our spirits/interests & discussing inspirations about favorite upbeat FANTASY &/or SCIENCE FICTION books, movies, or TV Series which include inspiring journeys & happy endings for EMPOWERED WOMEN who think & ~*LIVE*~ outside the box! *WILDLY Exhilarating THEMES/ SYMBOLISM Important to Outside The Box Women! Share & brainstorm w/out limits ideas/suggestions, & symbolic movements which celebrate upbeat liberating themes for us to celebrate & focus on in upcoming circles to support a life journey for all women that opens to our amazing potentials, a life filled w/magic, joy, & a sustainable world!   *OUTRAGEOUSLY WOMEN-CENTERED PARTY GAMES! Laugh our heads off of together playing games w/hilariously liberated perspectives to celebrate our women’s journey!   Get to know each other in new ways thru games which provide an informal, comfortable atmosphere to explore & enjoy the facets of each other’s personality – no matter how different we are:  Mostly moving around, some seated; any women’s welcome to share a game celebrating women. *SACRED MOVEMENT/DANCE RITUALS/Journeys/Explorations!  We’ll co-create these for each other in various practices dispersing taboo ideas about women's body/expression/issues, especially this one where we: a. choose or co-create a favorite song/chant/story/message/affirmation/blessing/spell, -- b. then combine it w/symbolic gestures & movement, -- c. then share it w/each other like a mantra as we move/dance around circle showering each other w/love & letting it resonate thru our mind, body, & soul... & out into the Universe!:   Called Dances of Universal peace & Sacred Circle Sufi Dance: Explore creating dances around whatever you most love in life, & learn a bit about leading.  From the beginning of time, community dances & the stories in song have brought people together - at times of seasonal ceremony & festival; as part of life passages & daily renewal.

& Then 
optional 4:30 to 5pm unstructured connecting/potluck): 

Goddess-Sisters come Celebrate Your Magic, connect & be supported in this awesome community of women coming from all over LA w/diverse  consciousness, creative & cultural backgrounds, --who's lives are centered around the wisdom & practice of focusing on positive thoughts/intentions, sharing positive energy/actions, & ~*Living Outside The Box*~! 

Bring a snack to share if you like. Brainstorm & share our most outrageous ideas & stories! Come Listen... & be inspired by the magic we each come up with, ERUPTing w/the awesome power, delight, laughter & wisdom of the Sacred Woman! 

 LIST of  WHAT'S DIFFERENT About This Gathering

           Truths we celebrate & LIVE in this circle!  

If you're delighted & moved by these truths, are living them; ~or~ joyfully, passionately commit to claim & live them in*every*aspect of your life from this point onwards, then please join us!  

If you're not quite ready for the below, than try our free drop-in gatherings or other series, & explore in slower, smaller doses –opening to claim & live these positive truths w/others who'll enthusiastically, lovingly, stand by you & support your journey!

  I’ll be adding bits of this list + possibly adding/refining description above over next weeks; but if what you've read so far sounds great, leave me a voicemail w/your #, as I return calls in the order I receive them.  If full list isn’t up by time we talk, I’ll fill in
the blanks on the phone:
  1). You do not have to participate in activities the way the teacher describes them -- you’re welcome to transform them in new ways for yourself & participate how it intuitively works for you; + welcome to suggest different ways to do the whole activity ( or structure of the circle).
2).  Often circles/communities (especially women ones) have a personality/ a clique … w/silent rules that you ne
ed to figure out & follow to be truly included & liked… especially by the leader(s):  This is *not* true for this community; there is no 1 personality or way that you are expected to be:  No matter how different your behavior/perceptions/attitude/ appearance/background/etc, --if you’re coming w/loving enthusiasm for the posted activities/vision; coming w/real (not shallow/surface) friendship --looking for life-long friends outside as well as inside the circle; & freshly washed clothes/body, –you’ll be immediately liked & included by everyone; not have to work for it: Whether one has visible charisma... or their gifts are not readily visible on their sleeve --all participants of this circle know that every woman has an equally magickal universe to share!

3).  It is not only OK, we welcome any woman's perception of ‘what it is to be a woman’ –-being vastly different from everyone else in the group, &/or different from every idea of women expressed in both conventional & alternative society. 4). Though all our other series or drop-in events offer something to women no matter where they are in their journey, *this circle/series* (though beginners ready to take the leap are welcome to join us) -- is for women who've worked enough w/their life-mastery journey that they are for the most part confident, self-loving, & comfortable in their own skin, so that: We are comfortable sharing w/out hesitation, from the beginning, w/women we've never met: * full body bear hugs hello & goodbye, * silent eye gazing, * fully clothed therapeutic massage, * social sacred dance, * deeply exultant co-created activities at times emotionally raw & outrageous! And: 6). This circle is about using way more than the small % of potential that most human beings use! We greatly enjoy trying new things that challenge us to the edges of our mind, body, & spirit potentials; are comfortable w/a teacher where you never know what to expect; & yet deeply know the benefit of both repetitive practices, + continuing to practice things learned in the previous circle, --so don't need everything to be new & novel. And: 7). We consider it a deep joy, rare opportunity, & are grateful to be showered w/loving advice, guided to our blindspots & 'buttons' by a group of women who won't read you thru their ego or own issues, but by only focusing & seeing *you*: We don't take these as criticism, & always feel free & empowered to take or leave anything that's offered. 8). For women who delight in celebrating/supporting others & are not coming solely for their own journey or healing; but instead equally to actively help manifest the greatest dreams of every women in the circle:  Most of the time is interactive in small groups, pairs, or w/the whole circle; few solo exercises: Though each woman gets a lot of individual attention every circle; more time is spent supporting/manifesting others journeys than your own (though thru exultant, empowering fun creative experiential activities which are therapeutic for you as well as you do them, + affirm or release things in your own life simultaneously as your help others). And:  9). Each month women are given a 5 to 15min simple ~homemagick~ to complete & share in circle next month: Simple things like thinking up 3 words which symbolize something & memorizing them; visualizing doing something; doodling a symbolic picture, etc…:  Often this will be ‘about other women in the circle’, rather than your own journey ( … & another women will be simultaneously doing this for you at home during the month). 10). The 'description' above this list has been updated! ***Especially read this: www.whimsyum.or#chutspah! & Scroll way down & read 'Goddess Dojo' description, it describes the approach of this circle much as well; though we won't practice Martial Arts in this series (except if 1 of you wishes to give a short class in something). ... More posted soon!

  HOW TO PRE-REGISTER for Ongoing Series (2nd Saturdays, starting Dec. 10):

ere's the quick version w/out explanation; scroll down for a deeper explanation of why we've created this new kind of sustainable registration & all the details of how it works:

Reserve your space for 4 circles (2nd Saturdays at 1pm) w/a deposit:
Returned at beginning of 4th circle, as long as you've supported gathering & honored my time by making each circle, on time; otherwise it goes to our ongoing fundraiser which keeps these gatherings free:
$0 deposit if you’ve attended 4-in-a-row of any free gatherings I host; 
$100 if you've attended more than 1 thing I've hosted; 

$120 if you've attended at least 1 thing I've hosted;

Make deposit here:

LONGER DESCRIPTION: *We've created a unique new kind of 'Sustainable Registration':*  

   ~*Advance Registration ensures women understand these aren’t one of our drop-in events, but instead a 4-circle 'series' for women who enjoy, & are available, to show up regularly to celebrate & deeply support each other.    These series are a gift of new directions for the community from The WHIMSYUM (which is about enjoying living the future ~*NOW*~, sharing new kinds of positive activities, meeting peers, making friends, & building outside the box community)!   We're delighted to offer free gatherings, but to women who honor teachers' time by pre-registering & making a commitment to show up.*~

Registration is different, depending on your situation:   Make sure to read all options below!

A) Registration for   women who've  attended  4  events in-a-row hosted by Diana/The WHIMSYUM: (either drop-in events, or series: ):           Thank you for regularly sharing your spirit in this community; you’re the heartbeat of this community!:   Women who attend regularly create the deepest sense of community & a richer experience for everyone, both in our series & in our drop-in gatherings: Since you've already shown up dependably for this community for an extended period of time you  don’t need deposit to reserve your space:    If you take a space your  commitment is still important,though:  While we understand emergencies happen, if  more than once you miss, are late, or leave early, you’ll need to contribute  $80 (to our ongoing fundraiser which helps keep these gatherings free) to continue attending not only this series, but  any Whimsyum  events.  To register voicemail me w/your phone#, name, & request your space in the 4 dates above.                                                 

        B).   Registration for    women who've attended   more than  1  event hosted by Diana/ The WHIMSYUM: (either drop-in events, or series: ):             Women who've attended our events before participating in a series, create a deeper sense of community for everyone -- both in our drop-in gatherings & the series!:   $100 deposit  to reserve your space;  returned to you at 4th playshop as long as you’ve  attended all 4 playshops, arriving reasonably on time, & stayed for the full playshop: If not, or you  cancel your registration, your deposit goes to our ongoing fundraiser which helps keep these gatherings free;  no refunds or substitutions:  While it’s desirable that you attend each playshop; we understand emergencies happen:  If you miss, although you forfeit your deposit, you’ll continue to be welcome to attend the series!  Make your deposit here:     

         C).    Registration for   women who've  attended at least  1 event hosted by Diana/ The WHIMSYUM: (either drop-in events, or series: ):

(If you can, try coming to 1 of our free drop-in gatherings 1st, to experience some of the new kinds of activities we offer,  + meet community & teachers:  It'll create a deeper sense of community for you, teachers, & participants):  $120  deposit   to  reserve your space;  returned to you at 4th playshop as long as you’ve attended all 4 playshops, arriving reasonably on time, & stayed for the full playshop:   If not, or you  cancel your registration, your deposit goes to our ongoing fundraiser which helps keep these gatherings free;  no refunds or substitutions: While it’s desirable that you attend each playshop; we understand emergencies happen: If you miss, although you forfeit your deposit, you’ll continue to be welcome to attend the series!  Make your deposit here:   

*** Our series are for women who celebrate what we’re doing & are happy to support this community!  If you’d prefer to not commit to a series, or not provide a deposit -- join us at Upcoming Free Drop-In Events: ***


GODDESS DOJO DESCRIPTION (Guidelines not required for attending public events above):

In sacred space in harmony with the female body, its rhythms & the female experience.  We share, are honored for our wisdom, & manifest our full mind, body, spirit GODDESS potential --no matter what our fitness level:  Honoring the Goddess that each of us are we ~*CELEBRATE*~ our STRENGTHS, *INTENSITY*, GIFTS & capacity for peace & bliss. We presence what is important to us & release anything that is not true.  In the process of MOVING, of *being* & becoming STRONG, exploring & experiencing fulfilling our potential BEYOND ways women are known to in the conventional world: we transcend any preconception of what it is to be a woman, & revision & create a woman in ourselves, that is truly our own.  

We share & teach each other focused around the knowledge that in every situation there are infinite possibilities, --& human beings have the potential to be clever enough, strong enough, & inspired enough --to not need to take negative actions; & that taking a negative action doesn't solve or improve a situation: That individuals & communities who know this stand beside each other & support each other; striving to activate this potential in their communities by inspiring everyone to be living symbols & peer teachers.

Women start with an intro circle to disperse mainstream ideas of what a 'dojo' is, & instead vision & cocreate their journey in a new way. No experience necessary.  

Spiritual, OutsideTheBox, multigenerational, Holistic & new Whimsyum practices, challenge solving Role Play, Martial Arts, Dance, Ritual & Global SHARING Dojo.

For women interested in supporting each other to gain new plateaus of mind, body, spirit empowerment & delight:  Everyone spends part of the time teaching ‘something’(even if its to teach others the basics you've just learned); because we’re ALL each other’s teachers in life.  We receive our greater & greater belts in this dojo, not when we reach a new level of expertise, --but when we've helped a handful of students to gain *both* a new level of expertise, *and* brought them to a new positive plateau of mind, body, spirit empowerment thru transformative experiences of supportive friendship, inspiration, patience, & generosity of time & energy. Periodically we have rituals where we create personal symbols which represent what we celebrate we've gotten from our journey; & these symbols are then handcrafted by our dojo community on to the belts that are given to us in ceremony honoring us when we receive belts( belts also reflect color of our current level of expertise).

Each women intuitively decides how she'll participate, & with the help of the group cocreates what she needs for her unique journey. Many of our group activities are intuitively cocreated together by all individuals present. We’re continually trying new things, creating new practices; & our diverse activities are a constant reminder that when you think you’ve exhausted all options that life has to offer --there will always unexpectedly be new kinds of inexplicable wonder around a new corner).

We celebrate building friendships with women from all backgrounds, no matter their: shape, style choice, skin color, romantic preference, age, financial situation, etc...  

The gathering includes a well being/ bliss activity ( like the ‘Therapeutic Massage Sharing Circle’ :separate into groups of 5: one woman lies down, fully clothed, & receives massage from 4 people; then she gets up & along with the other 4 people, –massages the next person to takes their turn to lie down & receive). 


*For women devoted to a positive, constructive, loving life path

*No one of us is here to serve more than any other; even your host :) These are egalitarian friendship gatherings --created by what each of us as individuals bring to it: Think about what you’d enjoy sharing, --its part of your RSVP to attend. Examples: Share/lead practices/activities/exercises; bring a favorite dish to share; volunteer to bring mats, equipment, chairs, blankets; be the 1 to pick up the massage table & bring it to the dojo; or offer some other way you’d like to volunteer…

*We gather for fitness:  u must be coming to get a workout; though u can do lighter version of activities. There are *short* times to rest (opening, closing; lulls while practices are demonstrated; & occasionally short meditation); —& pee breaks between activities where you might share a few words with a friend: --But we don't focus on hanging/chatting time, unless you stay after talking to someone; or it's 1 of our longer gatherings where we break & potluck or tea in the middle or end: Our time in the dojo is focused on being ~*active*~ in group or individual activities; even when short cocreating discussions happen, they’re usually while simultaneously moving our bodies as we explore & create.

~*TO BE A WOMAN IS A CELEBRATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*~


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